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An Alliance between Non-Profit Animal Rescue: A-PAL and TCWC
Jackson, California
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This store is a place where the A-PAL Humane Society and Tri County Wildlife Care, both serving communities in the Sierra Foothills of California, USA, come together to raise money for the animals in need in their communities, and to speak on behalf of the animals … with a single voice. This alliance also includes partnering with Shelter Partners (volunteers to care for shelter animals) and ACART an emergency animal rescue team. All royalties and referrals received by will be donated by to the A-PAL Humane Society, Tri County Wildlife Care and their partners. Learn more about us at and our Youth Art Project (YAP) for how children are helping the animals. We thank each and every contributor for allowing the use of their photography, art and design to help raise money for these animals and so these organizations can continue to rescue, rehabilitate and educate.
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